Real Talk: Why Do People Hate On Drake???

When it comes to dealing with things, people choose to put their personal opinions towards it. It’s only natural because either you’re going to like something or you’re not. Some dudes like their females to be nice and skinny, some like a little meat on their bones. Some dudes like Jordans and some rather Reeboks, it’s all about personal preference. Now, there’s nothing wrong with not liking something and providing a credible reason for it but a lot of times, people tend to hate on things for whatever reasons. When it comes to music, Drake ends up getting hated on for a wide range of different reasons.

Now, yes, Drake’s story isn’t the traditional rapper story. You know, the I grew up in the hood, raised by my mother, I sold crack or weed because my hoop dreams fell through, I’m a gang banging goon, or I was in college but choose to rap story. Yes, he grew up as a bi-racial pretty boy in the suburbs of Tornoto raised by a white mother, dropped out of high school because he wanted to make his role on Degrassi his full time job, never really got in any legal trouble growing up, yes, I know this. I’m not going to lie, I was very leery to even listen to the guy myself but people naturally just hates on son. I think people’s problem is they tend to get too personal with their artists.

When it comes to Drake, I done heard it all when it comes to why people hate on him or don’t like his music. I’m going to name a whole bunch of different reasons. For starters, I done heard “I don’t like his music because he’s soft”. There’s no way for a fan to know if Drake’s soft personally unless you know the man. Just because the man tends to sing as much as he raps or happens to be attractive to females, it doesn’t make him soft. Secondly, I heard “he’s not a rapper and sings too much”. Now this goes back to the personal preference statement, but only a fool will say he’s not talented in both genres. He can write rhymes that challenges some of the game’s best and write a hit for your wife’s favorite R&B singer all with the same pen. Every record him and Wayne does, I feel Drake ends up the victor most of the times. Drake’s reference version of Fall For Your Type for Jamie Foxx is better than the version Jamie ended up putting out. To make this as short as possible, the last thing I usually hear is “his album wasn’t as great as So Far Gone or Comeback Season”. To answer that statement is simple, every artist can’t top their most influential piece of work or classic material. Now my personal opinion is So Far Gone > Thank Me Later > Comeback Season > Room For Improvement. His album, while the music to me was incredible, it didn’t have the same impact that his work on So Far Gone did. I heard people say his album was flat out wack, which is mind-boggling. The man is talented, so the hate that’s toss in his direction is unnecessary.

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50 Cent – Sunday Morning

My friends and those who have in counter me in their travels, for some odd reason, think that I’m a 50 Cent hater. I wouldn’t go that far because I happen to like as much records of 50’s that I don’t like. So I consider myself on the fence most of the time when it comes to Curtis, but this is a previously unreleased record from him that leaked recently that I like.

50 Cent – Sunday Morning

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French Montana – Henny & My 44

I always taught that if you really want something in life, the efforts of what you want has to come from within. That way to look at things can be implied when it comes to the come up of French Montana. He couldn’t get any DJ’s to really support his music like that so he took the matters into his own hands and created Cocaine City DVD, a visual mixtape showcasing his talents. It was a smart move and got his buzz up there with the top newcomers from New York City. French & Max B LIT the streets and internet up with their collaborations, which led to French getting a deal with Akon. Now he’s currently doing his thing with the guidance of Debra Antry, Waka Flocka’s mom. The cleverness of French is he knows he isn’t the most lyrical dude on the market nor does he claim to be. His beat selection and flow on the track really helps him and people gravitate to it including myself, I been supporting French when he was a skinny dude from the Bronx battling up at the Fight Club to his beefs with Dipset & Lil’ Cease to now. Here’s a classic record from French called Henny & My 44. Sidenote: I’m as about as confused as you are to see French in this picture with Jay-Z & Usher.

French Montana – Henny & My 44

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Finally Some Respect Is Given, Cincy Is Ranked 25

For the better part of the season, my team, the University of Cincinnati Bearcats were treated like step children by the evil step parent known as ESPN/USA Today Coaches’ Poll. Citing our out of conference schedule was damn near weak, we continue to dominate the teams but get overlooked every time it was voting time, thus remaining unranked. Well with the latest poll in, we happen to finally get our just due and take the 25th spot. We still should feel like we didn’t accomplish anything just yet for several reasons. For one, we are a better team than the raggedy ass number 25 indicates. Secondly, we shouldn’t believe that we finally made it because it’s still a long season ahead of us. Lastly, one trip up can cost us the number beside our name on websites and newspapers so we need to continue executing the level of play that we have been and remain undefeated. LET’S GO CINCY!!!

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Freeway & Jake One – Stimulus Intro (Feat. Beanie Sigel)

From one of the most slept on albums of the last year, Beans and Free trade bars over the production handed down from Jake One. I think Beans had the better verse between the two but nonetheless, it was tough.

Freeway & Jake One – Stimulus Intro (Feat. Beanie Sigel)

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Gucci Deemed Unfit To Stand Probation; Waka Turns Himself In

Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka arent too pleased with the New Years just yet. Both have been arraigned on different charges and its not really looking good for either one of them. Gucci was arrested on probation violation and pleaded “Special Plea of Mental Incompetency”, meaning he wasn’t in the right mind to fight against the state of Georgia’s right to revoke his probation. In a nutshell, Gucci is looking at 17 months in the can. His protege Waka Flocka on the other hand turned himself in on drug and charges and also on the suspicion of criminal street gang activity and a probation violation. He’s currently being held on bond. It’s sad to see when people get some success and tend to moonwalk back into their troubled past.

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Danilo Gallinari Out For 2-3 Weeks

When things goes good, there is always something that interrupts it and for the Knicks, it came on Sunday. Danilo Gallinari was injured during the Knicks’ victory over the Indiana Pacers in Madison Square Garden on Sunday. According to team doctors, he will be out for the next 2 to 3 weeks. Even though he can be very inconsistent at times, his 15.3 points per game will be missed and that also means players like Shawne Williams and Bill Walker have to step up for us.

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