Eric Benet – Sometimes I Cry

With tomorrow being the lovers’ holiday, I figure that I will be blessing you ladies and gentleman nothing but personal choices from the R&B side of things for the next two days. This song gained a lot of notoriety because Lil’ Wayne said it helped him get through his bid in Rikers earlier this year. It’s a powerful song and I co-sign Wayne’s statement.

Eric Benet – Sometimes I Cry

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Cormega – Use Mad Clips (Feat. Styles P)

This record was a mixtape favorite during the time it originally came out. I remember the video Mega did for it with Jordan Towers in Queensbridge and they had Styles P doing his part in Yonkers. All in all, this was one of my favorites.

Cormega – Use Mad Clips (Feat. Styles P)

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Juelz Santana – Hovi Baby Freestyle

Back like I should have been, I’m re-entering this blog with a grind similar to a rapper’s LMAO! Speaking of grinds, this post is about a man who lacks one in my opinion. Now, you have to remember Juelz was being touted as the next big thing. I remember when Vibe had him, Joe Budden, Game, Jim Jones, Chingy and some other dudes as being them next dudes in the industry like 7 years ago. Juelz was nice at one point and still has it in him, I believe but his grind isn’t there. It’s been like 10 years (I’m only kidding) since his next album was supposed to drop and I remember he went on as far as blaming Cam’Ron for holding him back and blocking his features. Needless to say, even with the Dips back together, Santana just isn’t really moving like that, unlike what the Bergen County has charged with him a couple weeks back. I hope Juelz gets back to where he once was or reach higher levels but in the meantime, here’s a classic freestyle over the Jay-Z instrumental he did one of them Purple City tapes back in the day.

Juelz Santana – Hovi Baby Freestyle

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Blake Griffin Is In The Dunk Contest But It Doesnt Matter

The NBA announced yesterday that in this year’s dunk contest, Blake Griffin will be taking apart of it. Yes, the man has all the bounce in the world and can jump out of the building but dunk creativity and Blake Griffin doesn’t really belong in the same sentence if you ask me. I’m just having a hard time believing Blake will do something that we haven’t seen already or absolutely creative. Sure, Blake is going to dominate the contest and win it at this All-Star weekend but look at the competition. Brandon Jennings, Serge Ibaka & JaVale McGee are the other contestants participating in this year’s dunk contest. Brandon Jennings??? Are you being serious??? Can he really do a dunk outside of the normal one hand or two hand dunk??? By the way, I thought he was injured. Serge Ibaka??? Maybe the league just forgot probably one of the best dunkers is on the same roster as him in Russell Westbrook. JaVale McGee is similar to Blake Griffin, in a big man who has incredible bounce but come on, this dude is 7’0. This dunk contest is going to be in the same vain as the last couple of years, weak.

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Jim Jones – Blow Your Smoke (Feat. Rell)

Watching MTV Jams and seeing the video being the Jam of The Week rekindle my memory about this record. Unfortuantely for a lot of Jim’s music A.M (After Max), it goes in one ear and flies right out the other. This one though is pretty much in the same vain as the rest but I think this one is very close to having replay value in the car. This record is one of the records you toss on especially on a summer night riding around the city. Thumbs up to Jim but you still did my mans Max dirty.

Jim Jones – Blow Your Smoke (Feat. Rell)

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Nipsey Hussle – Blue Laces (Feat. 1500) X Bigger Than Life (Feat. June Summers)

After downloading the latest Nipsey Hussle mixtape, The Marathon, I must say the industry doesn’t know what they are missing now that his debut album, South Central State Of Mind, has been delayed until further noticed. I know I already post the One Take freestyle from the tape but I been riding around listening to the tape and finally came to the conclusion that these two records are my favorite ones next to Keys To The City. Blue Laces is a hard record, repping for his more than obvious affiliation. Bigger Than Life is a hidden bonus track on the mixtape where Nip channels his inner Drake over a very drowsy but entertaining beat with June Summers singing on the chorus.

Nipsey Hussle – Blue Laces (Feat. 1500)

Nipsey Hussle – Bigger Than Life (Feat. June Summers)

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The Knicks Gets The Spurs Outta MSG By 13

As many questioned if we could pull it out without the talents of Gallinari, the Knicks mounted a beautiful victory over the normally impressive San Antonio Spurs by the tune of 128-115. Wilson Chandler chipped in 31 big points and Amare Stoudemire & Raymond gave us both 28 points a piece. We shot the ball well all night and held Tim Duncan & Manu Ginobilli in moderate check. What was crazy about the game was I was watching it and could see the frustation in Greg Popovich’s face. It got to the point with like 3 minutes and some change left in the game, he took his starters out of the game, put in the reserves and they was only losing by 11 at this point. Interesting way to show your starters that you’re being serious with them. LET’S GO KNICKS!!

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