Charles Hamilton – The Honeymoon’s Over

I was building with the homie Made on Twitter just the other day about Charles Hamilton. My personal opinion about the man and his music: weird and cocky but talented. His style was different from the rest of the newcomers in his time coming up, his bars was dope at times but mainly respectable and his production skills were tough. I think Charles got caught up in the hype of being signed to Interscope, cyphering with Game & Kanye West and having Lacey Duvalle as leading lady in his Brooklyn Girls video. It seemed like he was to be a type Harlem dude but only when in music, his cockiness didn’t the quality of his music. Not saying his music wasnt dope but he used to pop ish like he was the greatest thing since slice bread. I miss Charles tho, no homo. I wish he mounts a vicious comeback in the near future. I think people always threw too much shade at him over the whole snuff by Bria ish. There’s nothing in that situation he could do because what if he woulda hit her back on camera, people woulda wrote him off as the Chris Brown of Rap. Anywhoo, here’s a record talking about when a love is lost between two people. BTW, I always loved Newz’ version of this sample, probably one of the greatest mixtape records ever.

Charles Hamilton – The Honeymoon’s Over

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