Juelz Santana – Hovi Baby Freestyle

Back like I should have been, I’m re-entering this blog with a grind similar to a rapper’s LMAO! Speaking of grinds, this post is about a man who lacks one in my opinion. Now, you have to remember Juelz was being touted as the next big thing. I remember when Vibe had him, Joe Budden, Game, Jim Jones, Chingy and some other dudes as being them next dudes in the industry like 7 years ago. Juelz was nice at one point and still has it in him, I believe but his grind isn’t there. It’s been like 10 years (I’m only kidding) since his next album was supposed to drop and I remember he went on as far as blaming Cam’Ron for holding him back and blocking his features. Needless to say, even with the Dips back together, Santana just isn’t really moving like that, unlike what the Bergen County has charged with him a couple weeks back. I hope Juelz gets back to where he once was or reach higher levels but in the meantime, here’s a classic freestyle over the Jay-Z instrumental he did one of them Purple City tapes back in the day.

Juelz Santana – Hovi Baby Freestyle

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