The Knicks Gets The Spurs Outta MSG By 13

As many questioned if we could pull it out without the talents of Gallinari, the Knicks mounted a beautiful victory over the normally impressive San Antonio Spurs by the tune of 128-115. Wilson Chandler chipped in 31 big points and Amare Stoudemire & Raymond gave us both 28 points a piece. We shot the ball well all night and held Tim Duncan & Manu Ginobilli in moderate check. What was crazy about the game was I was watching it and could see the frustation in Greg Popovich’s face. It got to the point with like 3 minutes and some change left in the game, he took his starters out of the game, put in the reserves and they was only losing by 11 at this point. Interesting way to show your starters that you’re being serious with them. LET’S GO KNICKS!!

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