Blake Griffin Is In The Dunk Contest But It Doesnt Matter

The NBA announced yesterday that in this year’s dunk contest, Blake Griffin will be taking apart of it. Yes, the man has all the bounce in the world and can jump out of the building but dunk creativity and Blake Griffin doesn’t really belong in the same sentence if you ask me. I’m just having a hard time believing Blake will do something that we haven’t seen already or absolutely creative. Sure, Blake is going to dominate the contest and win it at this All-Star weekend but look at the competition. Brandon Jennings, Serge Ibaka & JaVale McGee are the other contestants participating in this year’s dunk contest. Brandon Jennings??? Are you being serious??? Can he really do a dunk outside of the normal one hand or two hand dunk??? By the way, I thought he was injured. Serge Ibaka??? Maybe the league just forgot probably one of the best dunkers is on the same roster as him in Russell Westbrook. JaVale McGee is similar to Blake Griffin, in a big man who has incredible bounce but come on, this dude is 7’0. This dunk contest is going to be in the same vain as the last couple of years, weak.

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