Game Knocks Ras Kass Out Again

The history between these two are quite evident if you don’t know already. Some years back Ras Kass had a record called Caution, which he refers to a west coast rapper with east coast props and a newborn son. At the time, Game was known to be a west coast rapper with the penmanship of a east coast lyricist and is well known for having his son Harlem around alot. So people automatically assumed it was he that Ras Kass was gunning for. Well, Game took matters into his own hands, no pun intended and knocked Ras Kass out in the nightclub. The whole event was documented in Beef 4 and honestly, no disrespect to Kass, but who really believes his side to the story?? Well time doesn’t heal every wound because to kick the new years off, Game and Ras Kass crossed paths in a nightclub and the same events may have occurred.

Now I wasn’t there nor did I want to be but honestly, I believe Chuck’s side of events.


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