Miguel – Be My Vixen

I know what you’re probably saying to yourself, you’re usually put pictures of the artists or the people the post is about up. While, yes this is very true, a lot of the pictures of Miguel out there are screaming it’s raining men to me personally, so I opted for the very beautiful Paris Morton ironically seeing how the song is about vixens. No disrespect to Miguel but try googling his name and find a picture that wouldn’t have you scratching your head. This record is a nice after hours record you throw on in the bedroom when you’re with a lady. My mans Weaz happen to have it on his iPod and when I heard it, I had to get it on the laptop. Nonetheless, this post is for my dudes who wanna make their ladies even sexier about themselves.

Miguel – Be My Vixen


About Moe

A life liver, a basketball fanatic, a Laurelton Queens native, a music enthusiast, a man, a lot of things makes up me...
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