Kanye West – The Glory

New year, new money, new attitude and new outlook on life. I been lamping in the streets of the 757 for the last couple days before it’s time to head up back to Pennsylvania for the start of the spring semester. So pardon me for the delay between posts, its on me, I know. Let’s take a trip back to 2007 when this record first dropped. Kanye, Jay-Z & Def Jam was riding high off the so called beef with 50 Cent because while everybody else might have thought Curtis was a challenge, Ye is on a whole level of stardom in comparison to Fif. I knew he was going to outsell 50, prove to people 50 isn’t as invincible as he makes himself to be and most importantly, make a better album than him. Graduation is arguably Kanye’s best work, every song on there is tough with the exception of that wack ass record with Mos Def. Here’s my favorite record off the album and listen to how mean Kanye can get with the pen.

Kanye West – The Glory


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