Baltimore Orioles Pitcher Surrenders Over Murder Charge

Outside of repping for the New York Yankees, a dude like me really doesn’t give two ish’s about baseball. Baseball is a very boring sport in my eyes, outside of the playoffs and World Series time. Not being totally ignorant to the sport, I do know a little about it and even use to play a little as a youth. No disrespect to Orioles fans or the city of Baltimore but they are turrible, word to Charles Barkley. Now things even got worst for them, one of their closers Alfredo Simon surrendered to authorities in his native Dominic Republic on murder and attempted murder charges. No knock on the man while he’s down but he wasn’t the greatest closer, but he did enough to get his team some victories. I’m a firm believer in not kicking a man while he’s down or judging a book by its cover, so as far as his case goes, I hope everything goes well for him. Hold your head homie, no funny business.


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A life liver, a basketball fanatic, a Laurelton Queens native, a music enthusiast, a man, a lot of things makes up me...
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