Method Man – Break Ups To Make Ups (Feat. D’Angelo)

Throughout his legendary career, Method Man, in my opinion, is highly underrated. Arguably the best member in the Wu-Tang Clan, he always seemed like the people’s favorite but when it came to respecting his wordplay, people tend to overlook him. Honestly, I feel to this day he got the best of Biggie on their collaboration song, The What. His albums were all tough to me with the exception of Tical 0, but that album has one of my favorite Meth records in The Afterparty featuring Ghostface Killah. Even rappers alike felt like they had to overlook Meth, for instance, Joe Budden and it landed him a punch in the face from one of Raekwon’s crew members. To those who dear to say Meth’s not nice, you better youtube his records or something along those lines because the man is a slept on legend in the game. Now this record right here speaks volumes to any person who’s been in a relationship with a person where you constantly go back and forth with them, trust me, I been there. I remember when they shot the video over there in Rochdale Projects a little after Belly came out in the movies. Interestingly enough, you can see a young 50 Cent in the video going towards the third verse, lol.

Method Man – Break Ups To Make Ups (Feat. D’Angelo)


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