Lil’ Boosie – Distant Lover

Shout out to Casaloco NY for the picture of Nas & Lil’ Boosie. Lil’ Boosie is a legend in the southern region of the map. I remember when I used to visit my grandmother in Gainesville, FL, everybody I knew down there will constantly remind me of how great and real Lil’ Boosie was to them. I actually took the time to try his music out for a change and must say I’m not the biggest fan but I can see why people gravitate to the man. Outside of his voice being annoying, I can tell he wrote from his heart. Unfortunately for him, he’s currently in jail on drug and weapon charges and currently facing a murder charge as well. It seems like once he finally got his career into the mainstream light from his underground, mixtape roots, the devils of the streets caught up with him. I wish him the best and will pray for him.

Lil’ Boosie – Distant Lover


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