Cam’Ron – D Rugs

Some people will hate on Cam by saying he spits about having “computers puttin'”, some will say he was questionable for wearing pink and many other things trying to find a way to discredit him. Cam’s one of my favorite rappers for a long list of things but one of the main things I think Cam’Ron lacks a lot is in depth records. Even though he has a few in his career like Love My Life & IBS, the better half of Cam’s catalog is flashy, bragging and cocky records, which is probably who he is personally but his best songs are the personal ones. D Rugs is a record from Cam’s first album, Confessions Of Fire. This record talks about his mother’s addiction to drugs by putting drugs in the place of a person as if his mother was dating this person. Not the most clever rap record ever, it still was classic effort from Cam.

Cam’Ron – D Rugs


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