Wiz Khalifa – B.A.R. (Burn After Rolling)

Every year there’s an artist who was once overlooked that gains a huge following (and bandwagoners). Wiz Khalifa is a prime example of this. He has been out for years but as of recent, a lot of people began to listen to him and follow him in the same light like Drake was last year. You seen people repping his crew, Taylor Gang, on their Facebook and Twitter pages and his music is continuously being played everywhere. Now, I like the man’s music, would I consider myself a Taylor, no. Lyrically, he lacks the firepower that would make me say “you, Wiz’s that dude” but his flow, hooks and beat selection carries him over the hump. This is one of my favorite records and on this record, you can see why I say what I just did in the last sentence.

Wiz Khalifa – B.A.R. (Burn After Rolling)


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