2Pac Died 14 Years Ago, Let It Go Funkmaster Flex

I’m pretty sure you were appalled by the footage of Funkmaster Flex talking a tad bit loose at the mouth regarding 2Pac on the stage recently, just as I was. At first, before watching the clip, I’m thinking it was a old piece of footage dug up by someone recently to stir up some kind of controversy. So part of me wanted to not to watch it but I said why not. I was expecting to see Flex circa 1995-1996 wearing a shiny suit with a red Yankees fitted or something along those lines but I was wrong. Come to find out, the footage was a recent as the week before it was released to the net. I came across the footage on ForbezDVD (salute to Doggie Diamonds) and was shocked by it. Feeling some kind of way from the times when Pac dissed him, I believe that Flex was caught in the moment by the crowd he was facing and felt it was necessary to say what he had to say. Yes, I understand that a man is entitled to his opinion, especially when it’s towards someone who has disrespected you but the man has been gone for 14 years and any harsh feelings towards should have been buried along with him.

Funkmaster Flex has went on the air to justify and clear up how he really feels about 2Pac on his radio show recently. Now, I don’t knock him for his beliefs one bit, like I said earlier, you’re entitled to your opinion but his reasoning is full of bs if you ask me. For example, Flex goes onto say that he feels 2Pac brought on a negative energy to the rap game by beefing with The Notorious B.I.G., Diddy, Nas, Jay-Z and the other artists he had conflict with. Yes, I can see why he may feel this way because of the nature of how 2Pac went about expressing his problems with Biggie and others (making personal attacks against their families, for instance). On the flip side, 2Pac wasn’t the first artist ever to attack another rapper musically. I think Flex has forgotten about that part because before Pac, there was LL Cool J going at Kool Moe Dee, Ice Cube going at NWA and Krs-One going at MC Shan. Even as recently as the last few years, Flex has been a huge supporter of 50 Cent who, in my opinion, provides more negative energy than 2Pac with his own verbal attacks of Ja Rule, Cam’Ron, Rick Ross and others. So, to me, the negative energy crap is pretty much dead. All in all, I think Flex doesn’t have to like the man for the negativity he threw his way but I think he shouldn’t broadcast his personal feelings about a man who is no longer here in that way. Honestly, I can’t see how one man could carry a grudge with another man who never really did anything to him personally. I could see if it was a man who shot your brother, a father who didn’t stay in your life or things along those lines. My advice to Flex is, Let It GO!!!


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