Shannon Brown Is A Problem

Everybody loves the underdog and Shannon Brown is a prime example of the term. He was an McDonald’s All American in high school, did his college thing out there for Tom Izzo at Michigan State and was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Being there, he seen next to none time because of the fact that Lebron James was there. After stints with the Chicago Bulls, the NBDL and Charlotte Bobcats, he was thought to be a minor part of a deal for Vladimar Radmanovic and proved to be much more. Contributing energy and skills, Brown has played a key role in helping the Lakers win two consecutive championships and even now does this thing still. His numbers has grew from a modest 3.1 points per game to currently just under 11 a night. His threw pointer has drastically improved with his percentage being 48. His bounce is well documented, you can ask Mikki Moore, Chris Anderson, the Wizards and Jason Richardson (even though he missed it lol). The man is a problem for the league.


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