It’s College Ball Time

Being a basketball fanatic, I truly have a thing for all levels of the sport. Everybody is into the NBA for the star power it has and I always been a fan of the league but I really get into college basketball. All over the nation, there are schools full with talented players showcasing their talents to the NBA scouts, critics and fans like myself. There’s different levels to college ball and no disrespect to the D2 and D3 schools out there, but everybody’s interested in the Division 1 level of college ball. Though I like good players no matter what school they attend, I’m a huge Cincinnati Bearcats head. I been a fan since the days of Nick Van Exel to the Kenny Satterfield, Demarr Johnson, Steve Logan & Kenyon Martin era to when Lance Stephenson made the team his for one year. Last night, we started our season right by getting Mount St. Mary’s out of the way by 10. I’m excited for this year in college ball, if I haven’t already stated it lol. Kentucky is looking good with their incoming class and not to mention Doron Lamb is repping for Laurelton Queens like I do. I’m kind of mad that St. John’s lost last night and Memphis & Miami gave a great game that went down to the wire. Morgan State is going to be a surprising sleeper out of the MEAC and unfortunately, Maryland-Eastern Shore is not doing good so far this year, already 0-2. North Carolina and Duke, to me, are going to be two of the 4 locked in for the Final Four. Great teams like Michigan State, Syracuse, Kansas & Villanova are going to be tearing teams out of the frame this year. I don’t want to be coming across as a hater but I don’t see the hype with teams like Florida, who I believe is going to lose to Ohio State tonight, and Oklahoma, who struggled with North Carolina Central last night. All in all, you can’t really predict the season when it comes to college ball but I’m going to be watching and keeping my eyes tuned in.


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A life liver, a basketball fanatic, a Laurelton Queens native, a music enthusiast, a man, a lot of things makes up me...
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