What We Needed In Cowboys Nation: A Victory

Let me start off this by saying if you’re anti-Cowboys, then please don’t visit this site. I’ll admit every year Dallas is always piped up to be one of the best teams in the league and even Super Bowl contenders, and sometimes it’s not even that way. An prime example of this would be this year. All off season, there was talks about us playing in the Super Bowl in our brand new stadium and I, like any true fan, fell for the hype, but boy was I wrong. The season starts off with a fluke lost in Largo, MD to the Deadskins and to the Bears then we bounce back with a dub over the Texans. Everything is looking decent but like I said before, boy was I wrong. We end up losing our next 5 games, lose our star QB and fire our coach. I’m not the biggest Romo head but I know he works for our system. I don’t blame Wade Phillips but Sam Cooke said it best, a change is going to come and we need it. With Jason Garrett calling the duties, we bounced back and got in the Giants’ back pocket for the tune of 33-20. We played a marvelous game from start to finish, with a few blemishes here and there but that’s expected when dealing with a 2-7 team. Maybe we can ride this wave out and close the season 9-7, which seems like a hard task with our remaining schedule.


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