50 Cent – Funk Flex Freestyle

Remember back in 2001, when 50 was the hottest thing in the mixtape circuit??? Yeah, me too. I remember my godfather telling me about him because they’re practically from the same block. He used to hype 50 up so much, i had to check him out. I was impressed from the start, 50 wasn’t all that lyrical but his flow was so impeccable that you love his bars. He blew up right before everybody’s eyes and it was amazing because he was from the same traveling paths as me, so i always wanted him to blow up. As time went on and his fame grew, I think 50 started to abandon his original style and people fell out of love with him. By time Before I Self Destruct came, it was a wrap for him. (For the record, Do You Think About Me was a certified banger). He’s supposedly in the studio working on his new album so it may take him back to where he once was, who knows. This freestyle is a classic for Funkmaster Flex over the Scarface/Jay-Z/Beanie Sigel Guess Who’s Back instrumental.

50 Cent – Funk Flex Freestyle


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