Kevin Love Goes In On My Knicks

As a New York resident, I was born and bred to be a Knicks fan. From the days of Ewing, Starks and Oak Tree to the days of H20, Spree & Camby, I always stood by my team from good to bad. I was hyped over the summer with Amare coming in but after what happenend last night, I’m kind of disgusted. Kevin Love went the _____ (insert your favorite curse) in on us, by dropping 31 points and grabbing 31 rebounds. I’ll admit I’m not the hugest Kevin Love fan, never thought he was nice but after last night, he made me into a believer. As a Knick fan and supporter, something has to give because if you’re allow a man to get the first 30 and 30 game in the last 28 years, something is wrong. Amare, Randolph, Turiaf and the rest of our big men better get it together.


About Moe

A life liver, a basketball fanatic, a Laurelton Queens native, a music enthusiast, a man, a lot of things makes up me...
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