Lloyd Banks – Make Money X Unexplainable (Feat. Styles P)

Lloyd Banks are one of the most popular rappers of all time to rise from the mixtape scene. His distinct voice, flow and punchlines made him a legend in that genre of rap. Now at times, I believe Banks sometimes slack when it comes to writing songs but he has made a lot of hard records in his time. As of late, I can say he’s kinda killing things and the anticipation for his new album, Hunger For More 2, is skyrocketing. Shaheem Reid of MTV leaked the first via his Twitter page. The 2nd one is featuring one of my favorite dudes, Styles P, and is amazing work. It’s kinda strange to hear them two on a record seeing how everything was between their crews but that’s in the past. Banks got my attention with all the records I’ve been hearing from the album.

Lloyd Banks – Make Money

Lloyd Banks – Unexplainable (Feat. Styles P)


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