Pick Your Poison Part 2 (Rick Ross Vs. Young Jeezy)

Last Pick Your Poison was more of a real-life, thought provoking debate. This one is about who owns the crown for the South between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy. Both are incredibly dope rappers in their own right, have a solid movement behind them and have delivered some classical music along the way. Now my personal opinion is while I’m a huge supporter of Young Jeezy and what he brings to the table, hands down Ross is the better rapper between the two. Ross is more lyrical than Jeezy will ever be and there’s no debating that. Ross’ pen game is not limited as being the best in the South, he’s up there with the best from all regions in the United States. Ross grew in a star overnight, whereas Jeezy has been slacking a little bit lately even though I loved Trap Or Die 2 and The Last Laugh mixtapes. All in all, I respect both artists but I’m going with Maybach Music’s CEO, Pick Your Poison.

Previously: Part 1 (Being Feared Vs. Being Loved)


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