It Could Get Ugly Part 4 (Eric Gordon On James Anderson)

It Could Get Ugly Part 4 is a relatively new piece of footage from this week in the NBA. During the middle of the San Antonio Spurs & Los Angeles Clippers game, Eric Gordon receives a pass from DeAndre Jordan. Once he gets the ball, Gordon gets the step from his defender, takes the dribble and plenty much embrasses James Anderson by cocking it back on him and dunking it. It was beyond ugly, matter of fact it was Precious. What made it so ill was the fact nobody expected this caliber of a dunk from Eric Gordon. The first thing that comes to mind when talking about Gordon is a shooter, not a high riser. Needless to say, it got ugly for James Anderson. Please expect that one to be on the Slam-A-Da-Month in the Slam Magazine.

Previously: Part 3 (Vince Carter On Dikembe Mutombo)


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