Kobe Bryant Drops A Triple Double & You Say He’s Not The Same??

In the summer, everybody was on this whole ignoring the Lakers, let’s jump on the Heat bandwagon. I mean it made for exciting news to see Lebron James & Chris Bosh join Dwayne Wade down there in Dade County, but I know Kobe Bryant and the Lakers was tight. We just bust our butts to get this championship, our 2nd in a row and people already writing us off like we’re not the champions. Not to go without being notice, a lot of people was saying that Kobe wasn’t the same during the preseason after having knee surgery. I guess people was really thinking that Kobe had to go hard in the preseason, like he isn’t a Hall-Of-Famer, NBA champ and Olympic gold medalist. Well, with the season underway, The Lakers are smacking on everybody coming there way including the Sacramento Kings last night. Kobe Bryant snapped on them last night for the tune of 30 points, 10 rebounds and 12 assists AND YOU SAY HE’S NOT THE SAME??? Kob moved his triple double tally up to 17 for his career. KB24 For MVP, watch!!!!


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