Fabolous – Fall Back

There are those rappers who get love but for some odd reason, it’s just not as much as they really deserve. Underrated is what the term that’s usually tagged to them. Fabolous happens to be one of those rappers. His rise through the industry trails back to the days of him lighting up DJ Clue? mixtapes up to him becoming a household name. Now, Fab’s only problem to me is that his albums always fails to live up to expectations. Loso’s Way is probably the first album from him that had the privileges to stay in my deck more than a week. You probably saying to yourself, now how does a man who can’t really make an album be underrated? Easy. Fab’s penmanship is amazing, he kills his guest appearances and he still to this day bodies the mixtape scene whenever he drops one. Speaking of mixtapes, this record is from his classic mixtape, There Is No Competition, with DJ Drama. Fab fans know how crazy this record was when it first dropped in 2008.

Fabolous – Fall Back


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