My Father Had R. Kelly, I Have Trey Songz

Men carry the stigma that we have to be tough and hard (no funny business) all the time, when truthfully that’s not the case. I’m a huge hip hop head but I find myself always listening to R&B. R&B, to me, is such a soothing type of music. It helps a person ease their feelings, makes them think and more importantly for the men, gets the mood right for him and his lady. There have been countless numbers of great artists to come through the R&B genre before and during my time but nobody gets as much acclaim for their work than R. Kelly. R. Kelly’s legend is well known, his talent for writing is amazing but as of late, he has fell off a tad bit while Trey Songz step right into his spot.

Without a doubt, if you’re to compare the two careers, R. Kelly would have the upper hand on Trey. I remember my dad was a stan of this guy, it was so bad that he didn’t even believe it was him on that sex tape. R. Kelly wrote a lot of legendary records for himself and others, it’s no knock on him but in today’s atmosphere, he’s largely remembered for his troubles than his music to the people of this era. That’s where Trey comes in, he’s dominating the R&B market with the perfect selection of melodies and lyrics. The ladies are deeply in love with this guy and the fellas like myself respect his gift and what he does. Trey’s rise to success happen without anybody knowing and his album, Ready, was a classic.

Despite his own belief, R. Kelly has to know that Trey took his spot. You can’t be the top dog forever, homie. Also, Trey raps better than him, but that’s not even necessary to discuss. I got respect for R. Kelly as a legend and what he gave to the era that he dominated, my father’s age but Trey got this era and the game in his back pocket.


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