Diddy – Lookin’ For Love (Feat. Usher) x Rick Ross – Lookin’ For Love (Feat. Usher)

As a college student, my professor makes sure to inform how bad it is to partake in plagiarism. In the line of music, all different types of genre has plagiarism in it. They don’t really use the word plagiarism, but rather it be called “ghost-writing”. R&B and other genres, it’s highly accepted, most of the time the best songs aren’t even written by the artist singing it but when it comes to rap, it’s highly not accepted. It’s nothing worst than to find out that one record you thought was written amazingly by your favorite rapper really was penned by someone else. There are in some cases where it is accepted in rap, i guess to a certain degree. From Dr. Dre getting his bars from The D.O.C. to Nas lending his thoughts to Will Smith, it’s been around but nobody is known more for having ghostwriters than Mr. Sean “Diddy” Combs.

Every since his debut album “No Way Out”, Diddy always kept the new fresh talent around him to pen his raps. Whether it was Jadakiss, Game, Jay-Z, Nas, Biggie, Drake, it didn’t matter to people because it wasn’t like Diddy was hiding from us. As we progress into the new age of technology, a lot of the behind studio doors method to ghostwriting are being brought to the light. Rappers are writing and recording records as if they were the artist they’re writing for. Teaching them how to flow to the beat, how to pronounce certain words, it’s like a tutorial right in your ears on how to make yourself sound good. Here’s the case: Rick Ross wrote this record with Usher for Diddy’s upcoming album, Last Train To Paris. If you listen to Ross’ version, you can hear him call himself Sean Combs. I always thought it was interesting and odd at the same time to hear a reference track, but check the both of them.

Diddy – Lookin’ For Love (Feat. Usher)

Rick Ross – Lookin’ For Love (Feat. Usher)

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