Vikings Bounce Moss And Anger Harvin

After having a lackluster return back to Minnesota, the Vikings decided enough was enough and waived Randy Moss earlier today. From my understanding, Randy wasn’t feeling being shunned by the coaches and players when he tried to warn them about what the New England Patriots had up their sleeve. Randy’s my man and all but that one play in the game where they called the pass inference on the Pats, he know he could have caught that pass. Honestly, I didn’t expect this one but even if I did, I would think they have waited until the end of the season. Now that Minnesota feels relieved of their problems, they may have another brewing up because reports say Percy Harvin is livid with Randy’s departure. Randy has taken Harvin under his wing in the short stay and they are represented, along with Tarvaris Jackson, by the same agent, Joel Segal. Maybe that’s karma striking back, I can’t call it though.


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