Gucci Mane – Party Animal (Feat. Snoop Dogg)

Rap has elevated over time from being a lyrical-dominated music genre to an anybody is accepted music genre. A lot of the artists nowadays aren’t really big on the lyrics side of things and is more so beat and hook driven type artists. Gucci Mane falls under this umbrella and he reps it right. Nobody really thought Gucci would have blown up the way he did. To keep it funky, my first listen to the guy, I thought he was the worst thing to ever happen to rap, but over the years, he progressed a little and there’s been worst artists to come after him.

Gucci’s problem wasn’t that he was lyrically terrible. Gucci’s problem wasn’t that Young Jeezy killed him with “Stay Strapped”. Gucci’s problem wasn’t that he couldn’t compete with the top dogs of the Southern region. Gucci’s problem was Gucci himself. The guy was the work ethic that somewhat resembles 2Pac but he couldnt keep himself clear off trouble. In and out of jail, Gucci would kill his own buzz time and time again. Gucci claims to have his life in order and I wish him the best with it.

Now, I’m not the biggest Gucci fan but of the little amount records i do enjoy from the guy, this one is up there for my favorite. With Drumma Boy on the production, Gucci & Snoop share tales about being the life of the party and enjoying themselves. This version is ten times better than the version Gucci ended up using for his latest album. This comes from his mixtape, The Cold War (Brrrussia).

Gucci Mane – Party Animal (Feat. Snoop Dogg)


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