Ain’t Nothing Like A Pair Of Tims

The title of the post says it all: Ain’t Nothing Like A Pair Of Tims. Timberlands are essential to a person’s closet, no matter where you’re at. Growing up, I remember my moms always had a pair for me and my other brothers along with what other sneakers we got for school. You could use them for any kind of occasion: a night out with a lady, going to work, walking in the cold, hooping. Yes, I was in PS 156 back in Laurelton, hooping in the playground with my Tims on, I didnt care. Over time, I kinda step away from them considering the rise of my attention in Nike ACG Boots but I never forgot about the good ole Timberland. I liked the field boots that Timberland made but there’s nothing like the original butters. I have to get a pair real soon.


About Moe

A life liver, a basketball fanatic, a Laurelton Queens native, a music enthusiast, a man, a lot of things makes up me...
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