Mary J. Blige – My Life

Growing up in a urban household, I grew accustomed to the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul, Mary J. Blige, at a young age. She burst in the industry because her sound was so soulful and fitting with the hip hop scene. She had the appeal of the regular chick from the hood that was blessed with beautiful vocals, which made her very likable. She spoke for the women that was going through a lot and surviving the tough times. I remember my moms used to be the biggest Mary J fan there could possibly be. She had all of Mary’s earlier albums that I could remember but the My Life album had to be her favorite.

I recall no matter where we was at, it seemed like she had her copy of that album. We could be going to visit my grandparents in Maryland and once after we’re out of the Hot 97 range, she went for that album. It could be a early Saturday morning and we had to clean up the house, she went for that album. I remember Be Happy, You Bring Me Joy, I’m Going Down and I Love You (the remix also was legendary, too) being some of her favorite cuts of that album but my moms’ favorite record was My Life, the title track.

That record had my young mind in a frenzy for some reason. Now looking back at it, I think it had to be the fact it was the first R&B record that i loved. I used to find myself singing it like I was in the studio back then as a child. Even now as a grown adult, I listen to it religiously. It’s one of those songs that I could put on and automatically get a easing feeling from the song. Also, the sample of the song, to me, is one of the greatest samples ever used. This record was so powerful, even Chris Webber used it in his commercial for his sneakers with Dada (remember that company? lol) and Game & Black Wallstreet used it to diss Joe Budden and talk about the California life.

Mary J. Blige – My Life


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