Jim Jones – Like Gangstas (Feat. Snoop Dogg & Rell)

I can’t act like I actually really like Jim Jones, wouldn’t even try if I had to. He represents everything musically that I find myself not liking, lacking of lyrics, annoying flow, among other things. I still give the guy a listen from time to time off the strength of his Dipset affiliation. I would be a fool to say I haven’t liked any of his music. Everybody had to like We Fly High at one point and I was huge on the early-Byrdgang, mainly because of Stack Bundles and Max B. If I could critique Jim’s music that I do like, it was always one thing I say to people: Jim is at his best when he’s rhyming to West Coast-inspired instrumentals.

His solo introduction to the world, Certified Gangstas, was a classic. Early on in his solo career, he had a lot of these kind of records. There’s something about the West Coast that always had my attention and I think Jim must of been a huge fan of the whole culture outside of the Blood affiliation. To keep it funky, Jim’s run is pretty much a Reynolds wrap but I cant deny a hard record when I hear one.

This is a smooth record, Snoop & Jim spit over this hard Dr. Dre-type beat while former Roc-A-Fella crooner Rell provides the hook. I wouldn’t say it will help Jim’s career like that but i will say it will get airplay in my Winamp and my car deck. It’s not brand spanking new but I’m assuming it’ll be on his upcoming album.

Jim Jones – Like Gangstas (Feat. Snoop Dogg & Rell)


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