The NBA Has No Love For Allen Iverson???

Remember the days when you were to hyped to see Allen Iverson go against the other mega superstars in the NBA??? Well you can kiss those days goodbye for at least this season. Yahoo reported that Bubba Chuck is going to playing for a team in Turkey this yr instead of Philly or any other team in the NBA this year.

As I read the report, several things came to my mind and stood out to me. First, the sheer fact that Allen Iverson is only getting paid 4 million dollars to play 2 years in Turkey was kinda appalling. This man in the height of his career was a cash cow, ranking well over 30 million and better through his NBA contracts and lifetime deal with Reebok. The kind of money they gave him is down right a slap in the face. Second, the contract he signed ensures him that he has to play the whole over there and has to wait until after the season to opt out. In my opinion, that seems like a hostage type of situation. In the great words of Busta Rhymes, “but wait it gets worse.”

The last thing but shouldn’t been the first is THE FACT THAT ALLEN IVERSON WILL NOT BE IN AN NBA UNIFORM THIS YEAR. Now I understand the man is getting up there in the age but are you going to tell me that he’s not worthy of a spot on a NBA roster??? Collison went to Indiana, Blake went to LA, House to Miami, and there are other point guard/shooting guard moves this offseason and you’re telling me you’d rather have them instead of Allen Iverson??

The NBA already blacklisted Marbury from the league, now you do the same to AI?? I get the point he has a rep for being difficult and all that other bs, but I’m pretty sure he still capable of giving a NBA team something. I never thought I would see the day but in life, you can’t really expect everything to go to according to plan.


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