Rick Ross – Talk To Me (Prod. By Kanye West)

Ross is the best rapper in the south right now, there’s no debating that. I just had to argue with my roommates over who’s better between him and Young Jeezy, but i’ll talk about that in a later post. Back to what i was saying, Ross is a problem now and was a problem before people really realized. This track i got from my mans Steve is from 2003. His flow is not as precise as it is now but in a region known for not having lyricists, Ross sounds like a audio version of a sore thumb, because he stands out amongst the rest of Southern artists.

Kanye West introduces the record and provides the instrumental while Ross spits darts at his future ex-boss Ted Lucas of Slip-N-Slide Records, interesting enough in itself how they went from this to working with each other to splitting.

Rick Ross – Talk To Me (Prod. By Kanye West)


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