Pick Your Poison Part One (Being Feared Vs Being Loved)

I plan on doing these types of posts randomly throughout time. Pick Your Poison will present an challenge to the viewers to either choose between two point of views, whether its music, sports, life topics, etc. The two topics up for debate is being feared and being loved.

Being feared, in a lot of people’s eyes, is a bad thing. For example, say you walking down the street and in front of you is a group of people who disperse from the fear of you. A better example was Suge Knight in the 90’s.

Suge Knight was so feared in the 90’s that you could probably smell the stench of number two on people’s breath who spoke of his name. Suge put the perception in people’s minds that he was about his business and he’s not taking anything less than what he wanted, which is a good thing to a certain extent. Carrying that persona also made a lot of people leery to Suge, which could potentially hurt your line of business down the line.

Being loved is something we all as people want, whether it’s from a parent, an attractive spouse or fans of your work. For example, Stack Bundles (RIP) was being touted as the next big artist from New York. He had the “glow”, charisma was there and his penmanship was near impeccable. His talent granted him so much love in the streets of Queens, everybody had his mixtapes in the car, females thought he was the cutest thing walking. I’m pretty sure, he was enjoying all the love because it probably made him feel like all of his hard work wasn’t going unnoticed. Now with all of the love he was receiving, you never would have thought that it would breed jealously and envy.

Stack Bundles was murdered June 11th, 2007, on the horizon of his career blossoming into the next level. With all the love he was receiving, there was somebody out there that was so jealous of him that they felt their only option to deal with the it was to kill him. Back to the topic at hand, being loved so much can bring a burden that eventually nobody really wants. So with that being said, what would you be?? Feared or Loved???

Pick Your Poison.


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