Beanie Sigel – Look At Me Now (Feat. Rell)

Beans always been that sleeper to me when it came to getting his respect due. From the start of his career, I always felt like he got his acclaim but it wasn’t what he really deserved due to the lack of his commerical success and appeal to the masses. Every LP Beans put out was marvelous, from his debut to his sophomore record were great albums. It was until he made The B. Coming, in my opinion, he got his highly touted classic album.

Oddly about this album was the fact it was the Illmatic of Beanie Sigel’s career. You know the album that everybody was saying that was a classic and loved so much but really didn’t sell too well. When I first got the album, I was a Junior in high school, skipping class, doing all the things I wasn’t supposed to lol. This album was my go to album of that year, no matter what was hot at the moment, I found myself listening to it from start to finish. Records like Change, I Can’t Go On This Way & Wanted Dead Or Alive was some of my favorites but something about Look At Me Now featuring Rell had me hook.

I felt everything Beans was saying on this record. To me, it was a record basically screaming out “Look at me now, i made it from the bottom and rose to the top.” This was a classical record that has inspiration written over it.

Beanie Sigel – Look At Me Now (Feat. Rell)


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