Uncle Murda – They Don’t Know Me (Feat. Jadakiss)

Uncle Murda, Uncle M…Whatever the guy’s going by these days, at one point was the hottest dude in the NYC mixtape circuit. More gangsta, less lyrical, Uncle Murda excelled with Green Lantern’s guidance to the point where he had a deal with Roc-A-Fella Records. I can’t front, if you were to open up my Winamp, you’d find Bullet Bullet, Runnin’ The City and Boy Looka Here Freestyle (he definitely drained Papoose’s buzz that summer when they was beefing).

Unfortunately, the deal with Jay-Z didn’t pan out but if there’s one thing i admire about Uncle Murda is the fact he won’t go away. Recently, he been doing records with Waka Flocka but i prefer Murda or Uncle M on his New York ish like this new one with Jadakiss.

Uncle Murda – They Don’t Know Me (Feat. Jadakiss)


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