Drake – A Night Off (Feat. Lloyd)

The impact that Drake had in 2009 was monumental, sorta in the same light as 50 Cent back in 2002. I remember it vividly since it was only just last year lol, but back to the topic at hand. I already knew about Drake from my little cousin Nichante watching Degrassi, so like the average fan, i was kind of leery to hear what Aubrey had to offer musically, but after a while i told myself f it and give a listen. The first record i really heard from Drake was Replacement Girl with Trey Songz.

I like Replacement Girl but it wasnt one of those records that would make me a fan instantly, moreso I’m going to check out his music if i come across it in my travels. As time flies by, i’m starting to hear from everybody about Drake. A lot of the females i know was telling me about his smooth delivery and his vocals. A lot of my dudes was saying “son got that ish”. So, i felt like i had to give the man another chance and here came So Far Gone.

In late February of 2009, the modern day mixtape classic found its way to my hard drive. Even before that, i did my homework on son’s music and found him to be better than what i remember him being before. Records like Man Of The Year, Give Ya (by the way, don’t shoot me but i will say Trey Songz got him on that record), Special and his stellar mixtape momentum stealing verse on Stuntin’ had me sold. From the start, i knew So Far Gone was going to be something epic but once i got to track 7, i lost it. Everything about the song to me signifies classic, from the sample to the Lloyd’s Mariano Rivera performance at the end of the track but the best part to me is the sheer fact that Drake can actually sing better than a lot of r&b artists. Now, i’m not going to lie, i actually, even to this day, play this song at least once a day. The rest of the tape was stellar and we already know how the rest of the Drake story is going, but this song to me is an certified classic and easily my favorite Drake record. Also, i’m kinda upset he postpone his r&b mixtape, because i actually his r&b records more than i do his rap ones for creativity reasons.

Drake – A Night Off (Feat. Lloyd)


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